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Episode 013 – Travis Walker On The Cast Talking WCC Poker Tournament Oct 31, Ark v2 & 2.1, Aces & More

The thirteenth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! Travis and I shoot the breeze in Las Vegas at the World Crypto Con show at Aria Casino Resort. You’ll hear all the details on what went down at the WCC Poker Tournament at the Aria PokerGO Studio, hosted by poker legend Phil Hellmuth with audio inside the podcast! The clips are courtesy of tech and design studio Nice Spaceship (, who was gracious enough to provide the files. Travis and I also take another dip into ARK v2 in a live interview second to Matthew DC’s you heard in the seventh episode.

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This episode is hosted by Justin Renken.

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Justin Renken: Hello, Cryptoland. I’m Justin. It’s Friday, and this is the ARK Crypto Podcast, episode 13. Wow. All I can say is wow. What an ARK adventure to be had this year at the World Crypto Con 2018 in Las Vegas at the ARIA Casino Resort. The three-day conference was jam-packed with speakers, exhibits, and crypto personalities like Brock Pierce and Charlie Lee. This year also marks the first crypto buy-in live poker tournament at a major casino. The WCC Poker Tournament at the PokerGO Studio at ARIA. The host of this iconic inaugural tournament was poker legend Phil Hellmuth, and the tournament also benefited charity. You’ll hear Phil’s commentary on the podcast today. The audio clips you’ll hear today are graciously provided by tech and design firm, Nice Spaceship, who had a big hand in making World Crypto Con exciting and memorable. I’d like to give a special thanks to Nice Spaceship, because I saw their team throughout the conference, and I saw nothing but professionalism and courtesy, so again, thank you very much for these clips.

Justin Renken: Well, ARK CMO, Travis Walker, and I, both hit the show and participated in that tournament, and we’ve got all the juicy details today with Travis here on the cast. So yeah, we’re gonna talk poker, but we’re also gonna talk ARK V2 with the pending hardcore protocol update happening any day now throughout this quarter. Travis and I are also going to go into some additional details that go beyond the interview that I had with Matt in episode seven. That’s all right here on the ARK Crypto Podcast.

Justin Renken: Well, let’s get started right away with the Las Vegas interview that I had with Travis Walker. Enjoy.

Justin Renken: Now, I’m finally in Las Vegas for realsies, and we just wrapped up the World Crypto Con poker tournament at ARIA PokerGO Studio with Phil Hellmuth. I’m here with Travis Walker, of course. How’s it going, Travis?

Travis Walker: It’s going good. Very good.

Justin Renken: I was just happy to be in the room. It was really exciting because there was all these cameras and there’s all these lights. It’s really professional. It’s like walking into a news broadcast studio, or the Daily Show set or something. I mean, it was really well put together.

Travis Walker: That’s kinda overwhelming.

Justin Renken: Yeah. Speaking of overwhelming, have you ever played poker tournaments before?

Travis Walker: Not like this. I’ve played small-time with friends at a tiny casino before, but nothing on this scale before.

Justin Renken: Yeah, me neither. This is my second one. I was here early AF because I was so excited. I was probably the first person that didn’t work there, and everyone there is really nice. I met Grant who was in control of the media stuff, I think, and he was really helpful. He actually provided us with some audio, but first, I just wanna say thank you, Travis, so much, because you know, I do love poker a lot. I have other hobbies, too, besides poker, but what I found was as soon as I got involved with block chains, and ARK specifically, I’ve been able to use all my talents and skills at once. All the hobbies that I’ve had have all kind of started to bleed into what I’m doing with ARK. It makes me feel like I’m belonging in block chain space and with ARK. I used to think that it was all coding and programming, and you know.

Travis Walker: Make it, “I’m not a developer, what am I gonna do?”

Justin Renken: Exactly. Yeah, and I felt like with ARK it was okay to not be a developer, and there’s lots of ways to help. So, I just feel really blessed to be in here and … Two years ago, I was watching YouTube videos of Phil Hellmuth on YouTube. Now, I’m playing poker next to Phil Hellmuth, but all because of block chains. So, Travis, I just wanna say thank you so much for all these opportunities, and every day is an adventure here at ARK.

Travis Walker: That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your time.

Justin Renken: Let’s talk about the studio, how it was set up. So, we had nine tables, and there were 81 participants in the tournament. So, with nine tables, that means that technically, the best person at each table would get a spot at the final table. I know it doesn’t exactly work that way, but when you look at it on paper, that’s pretty much what it is. So, if you’re the table leader at your table, then you make it to the final table. Now, the way that poker tournaments are set up, you’ll have buy-in. So, you put in some money, in this case, some bitcoin. This was the first time that the PokerGO Studio accepted bitcoin for a tournament, so that was a nice first that we learned from the organizers.

Justin Renken: But what you’ll do is, you’ll put in the buy-in, then you’ll get chips. Now, your chips are just points. They don’t represent $1. It’s just points, so Travis and I got 10,000 in chips to start. You’ll try to knock out other players and all that. Now, if you get knocked out, you don’t get to cash out. It’s not like a casino where you walk up and say, “Oh, I only have this much left. I want my money now.” No, you gotta get to the final table, and you got to get what’s called in the money, in the bubble, where all the remaining players get some kind of money. The prize pool also included a donation to a charity, courtesy of the whole event. Phil Hellmuth is very charitable and PokerGO Studio, and PokerGO also has an app.

Justin Renken: So, let’s get into the meat because this tournament lasted from about 12 o’clock to maybe 5 o’clock, was it, Travis?

Travis Walker: A little after five, I think, yeah.

Justin Renken: A little after five, huh? I was, first off, crushing it on the small pot, okay? Making some bluffs, seven-deuce off, which is, as we know, the worst hand you can possibly get in poker. Isn’t that right, Travis?

Travis Walker: It’s … Well, close, I guess. Statistically, yes.

Justin Renken: Statistically, yes. So, seven-deuce offsuit. Now, when I got this hand I was like, “You know what? I’m here. I’m in Las Vegas. I’m at the World Crypto Con Poker Tournament. I’m playing with Phil Hellmuth, and I’m playing with CMO, Travis Walker, and our logo’s on the table, and I’m gonna bluff everybody with this hand.” The worst hand possible that nothing good could ever possibly come from this hand, I raise it up, raise up 3X, the flop came down, I threw out a c-bet, and I got two other players to fold. Then, I threw down the seven-deuce, and then Phil was like, “You bluffed with a seven-deuce?” I was like, “Had to do it once. Had to do it once.”

Justin Renken: So, it was lots of fun. Good times. But, eventually, we got to a hand where … This was a tricky one. So, Travis was out, sitting out this hand, and there was Phil and myself, and there was another player who had just recently shown up to the final table, who is now sitting next to Travis.

Travis Walker: Dan O’Brien, I believe.

Justin Renken: Dan O’Brien.

Travis Walker: Professional.

Justin Renken: He’s a pro.

Travis Walker: Yeah.

Justin Renken: Okay, got it. So, Dan O’Brien was at the table, and we had a raised three-way pot, pre-flop. When the flop came down, it was a queen-high board. Very dry board. What that means is there’s not two hearts, there’s not two spades, and there’s not two cards next to each other that maybe could come up with straights. That’s what dry means. It basically means if you have a queen, you’re doing pretty good. So, I did have a queen and I had a king, as well, so I had a top pair with a good over card. There was some betting that happened, there was some calling that happened, blah, blah, blah.

Justin Renken: We move on to the turn. So, the turn was a king. This put me at top two pair. Now, top two pair is a very good hand, especially on the turn, because there aren’t many cards that can mess you up. And unless they have a better hand than you already, you’re pretty good to go. Even if they have a flush already, you have outs to get a full house and beat their flush. So, what I saw was I saw Phil go all-in. He was like, “I am all-in.” This was the first time that he went all-in in the tournament, so kind of intimidating. It came over to me, and of course, I seize the opportunity with Phil and the hand being all-in, and with the cameras everywhere, I said a little prologue. Do you remember what I said, Travis?

Travis Walker: Not verbatim.

Justin Renken: Okay. So, what I said was … I was thinking, looking, thinking. Then, I said, “You know what? ARK is a very ambitious project with a killer community and a bright future, and so I’m all-in.” Then, I stood up and I shoved all my chips in.

Travis Walker: This is literally … He did actually say all of this out loud. This really did happen.

Justin Renken: Believe it. Believe it. Then, Dan … I did this, of course, to get Dan out, because I don’t necessarily wanna go all-in against two players, but I don’t mind doing it. Having top two pair is pretty good. So, Dan was thinking and thinking and thinking, and I told him, “Listen Dan, if you go all-in or fold, either way, is cool with me. I don’t mind.” And he said, “Thank you.” And I said, “No problem.” So, let’s go to the audio, and let’s go to Phil Hellmuth commentating on this hand.

Phil Hellmuth: Alright, let’s take a look. I’m all-in, and so is Dan O’Brien, and so is Justin. Justin, what do you have, Justin?

Justin Renken: I have top two pair.

Phil Hellmuth: Top two pair? That’s good. I have kings and eights. Yeah. And Dan has a set of deuces, what’s going on here? The board is king … hold on. The board is king, queen, eight-deuce. King, queen, eight-deuce. Justin has kings and queens. I have kings and eights. Dan O’Brien has a set of deuces. Dan, I [inaudible 00:09:52] two eights. You have everybody almost dead here. There’s one king, one queen, and two eights. Four outs.

Justin Renken: I’ve got outs too!

Phil Hellmuth: The board is king, queen, eight-deuce. Kings and eights for me, and I’m in third fucking place. Come on, man. Kings and queens for Justin, and a set for Dan O’Brien, but I have two outs.

Justin Renken: This video can only go so long!

Phil Hellmuth: Give us the last card.

Speaker 1: [inaudible 00:10:22] Boom!

Phil Hellmuth: And Dan O’Brien wins again, and takes the chip lead. He busts me. Nice hand, Dan. He busts Justin, and he takes the chip lead with over 40,000 in chips. Oh, and he got my bounty. Dan, now I have to do my day job.

Speaker 2: I’ll take the buy-in ’cause I’ve got to now.

Speaker 3: Thank you.

Phil Hellmuth: Dan O’Brien smashing.

Speaker 2: You get to control the [inaudible 00:10:54]. That’s your job.

Phil Hellmuth: Damn it! I mean, nice hand.

Justin Renken: That hand was crazy, right? But it was worth it, and I had a lot of fun. So, let’s talk about Travis’s hand. After I got eliminated, I walked around the show, and I talked with a lot of interesting people who already knew about what ARK was, which was really nice because they were like, “Hey, ARK! Cool.” And I was like, “Yeah!” So I had lot of conversations with people who are considering using block chain technology. They’re like “Oh, what should I do? How can I use it easily?” And it was a lot of opportunities for me to talk to people about using ARK, and [inaudible 00:11:35] and block chains. The fact that it’s really easy, and you don’t have to know everything about programming to do it.

Justin Renken: When I was doing that, Travis was dominating, and he was still at the final table this entire time, okay? All the lights are on him, there’s cameras everywhere. Final table. Travis is chilling with his hat, and his shirt. [inaudible 00:11:54] too? Yeah. And just slowly stacking up, okay, slowly stacking up. So we’re cheering for him in the background. I’m like, “Yes! Okay, ARK is still in this.” So Travis, are there any interesting hands that you recall after I left, and before we get to your hand?

Travis Walker: I don’t know. There’s a lot of interesting hands that I actually wasn’t even in. I just kind of … I slow rolled quite a few times. I was more involved in the experience at that point in time. When I’d start paying attention, I would take a few hands, and then I’d sit back for a while. I honestly don’t even remember the exact way I got knocked out. At that point in time, there’s 150 people standing around me, and I just pushed back and stood up, and I was like, “Ahhh, this is not good.”

Justin Renken: Oh, that’s rough, but exciting. And you know, Travis, we got two pieces of good news for you because you told me how it went down, and I remember that.

Travis Walker: Yeah.

Justin Renken: And we got the audio from Phil.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty Nguyen is all in, and called-

Phil Hellmuth: Nguyen is all in. And called. Scotty Nguyen. Flip it up Scotty!

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty with the ace, eight of spades, against queen, jack of spades.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty! We’re almost 60% here, Scotty.

Phil Hellmuth: 58% for Scotty Nguyen. Give us a flop.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty Nguyen with ace, eight of spades, his opponent with queen, jack of spades.

Phil Hellmuth: Nine, ten, six. It’s a good flop for the queen, jack.

Phil Hellmuth: This gentleman needs a king. There’s four kings.

Phil Hellmuth: A queen! There’s three queens.

Phil Hellmuth: A jack. There’s three of those.

Phil Hellmuth: That’s ten outs. But wait! Also an eight. There’s three of those.

Phil Hellmuth: 13 outs. You’re now even money.

Phil Hellmuth: Give us a card.

Phil Hellmuth: Five of clubs. It’s a safe card. With one to come, we already know …

Phil Hellmuth: You have 13 outs.

Phil Hellmuth: Four kings, three jacks, three queens, and three eights.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty Nguyen has 31 outs.

Phil Hellmuth: Last card.

Phil Hellmuth: It’s seven and Scotty Nguyen makes a straight. Not that he needed it.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty! B-b-b, B-baby!

Scotty Nguyen: Ho! Yeah baby! You know where my heart is.

Scotty Nguyen: Let me pick it up from the floor.

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty’s heart was pumping, baby!

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty!

Scotty Nguyen: There is nothing [inaudible 00:14:34] baby. You know?

Phil Hellmuth: Scotty Nguyen.

Travis Walker: Oh, I had fun. I never thought I’d be sitting here saying “Hey, I just played a poker tournament and Scotty Nguyen knocked me out”. I never … It’s not something you really think you’re gonna do in the future.

Justin Renken: Just in general.

Travis Walker: Yeah. And in general.

Justin Renken: Yeah, I know, it’s a bit surreal. And this is only day one, Travis. I mean, we still have adventures ahead, you know. We’ve got the event space, lots of exhibitors going on here at World Crypto Con. And on Friday I’m gonna be a part of the interoperability panel, which is four people talking about making blockchains, talk together and to each other.

Justin Renken: What am I gonna say? Well, I’m gonna talk about ACES, because that’s what’s up!

Justin Renken: So, Travis, let’s get into some ARK V2 stuff. Is that cool with you?

Travis Walker: That sounds great.

Justin Renken: Nice.

Justin Renken: Did you have a chance to listen to episode seven with my interview with Matt at all?

Travis Walker: You’re gonna be mad.

Justin Renken: Oh, don’t even.

Justin Renken: Tell me about this ARK V2 Testathon. Tell me how it works and what it’s doing to advance the ARK V2 roll out.

Travis Walker: The new week long Testathon, we’re giving everyone a chance to finalize. Like, if you see something, if you wanna jump in and test something, we’ve upped our bounties to anyone that does a PR of any kind will get, I believe it’s like, 50 dollars worth of ARK.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: At this point in time. If you provide a solution for that PR it goes up in stages after that, to a hundred or 200 dollars per … If you find a security vulnerability, or anything like that, contact us, we have a whole different bounty structure for that.

Justin Renken: Okay, so the security issue bounties are different from the published bounties. Is that right?

Travis Walker: Correct. They’re completely separate. We do that one for one. You’ll work with our devs and we will compensate you healthily.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: A great thing about all this, too, is all of our current community devs that are working will also get a chance for … anything they do with this, they’ll get these increased bonuses. But everything will also go towards their GitHub bounty programs that run monthly.

Travis Walker: So, on top of all the money they’re gonna get for this one week, they could potentially get even more for their upcoming month when they get their bounty program.

Justin Renken: Nice. And you know, I do also like that ARK is very focused on including as much of the community as possible in development, and helping develop the ARK products, like the ARK Wallets, the Explorer, and the Core codebase. And a lot of the community developers that contribute on our GitHub and get bounties, some of them actually end up on the team. Isn’t that right, Travis?

Travis Walker: Yeah. We’re very focused on anyone that already knows the code, and has been contributing, and they’re looking for work already, why not vet them to a position within ARK?

Justin Renken: It’s also nice that people who discover the projects, no matter what their skillset, they can find ways to get involved, help, and develop a stronger affinity for ARK, which is great.

Justin Renken: And we’ve also got the hard fork which is coming up after the testing is fully complete. So, how does a hard fork work in ARK, and is it something that’s nice and smooth and easy? How does it affect users?

Travis Walker: The only way a hard fork in ARK actually affects the users is they can’t trade it at that point in time during the hard fork.

Justin Renken: Okay, so, during the actual protocol upgrade they can’t trade it?

Travis Walker: Yes. It won’t … we’ll be shutting down exchange wallets, so you won’t be able to trade any ARK at that point in time. Well, send it to and from.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: You’ll be able to probably still trade on the …

Justin Renken: The market.

Travis Walker: On the exchange itself.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: But once it’s … if you wanted to broadcast a transaction of any kind, it will not happen at that point in time. That’s the only thing that actually affects the end-user.

Justin Renken: So it seems pretty smooth for the end-users, huh. I mean, maybe they might have to update their wallets, right, to a new version?

Travis Walker: Yes. That, yeah. And that’s already smooth with ARK. I mean, it pops up in the wallet if there’s a new version available.

Justin Renken: Wow.

Travis Walker: And in mobile world it’s usually, like, I know iOS does automatically update in the background. Google Play usually does, sometimes you just have to open the wallet for it to give you something in the background that says “Updating”.

Justin Renken: Okay. Well that sounds really convenient, actually.

Travis Walker: Yeah. The only people that are actually really affected that have to be right there on the spot, through the whole process, are the delegates, or any node operators, such as exchanges. They’re the ones that are actually doing the protocol upgrade in the background while you’re just standing by.

Justin Renken: Got it. Okay. I understand. And so, what would happen if not all the delegates were to upgrade, but most of them did? How would the blockchain handle that case?

Travis Walker: It would continue on without them.

Justin Renken: Okay. Got it.

Travis Walker: Until they either upgrade it or continue on their old fork.

Justin Renken: So, because of the Delegated Proof of Stake system, the delegates accrue votes from the users who assign ARK to the delegate wallets, and their votes have weight to get them into the top 51 slots where they forge new ARK.

Justin Renken: So, if some delegates, maybe they didn’t get the memo, or they were just being weird and they didn’t want to update, but they were still staying in those top slots with the top votes, what would happen? Would they just miss every block because there’s no node anymore?

Travis Walker: Once that consensus is formed between delegates, the chain starts, and if they are upgrading and they take their time, or whatever, they’re just gonna be missing blocks as things happen.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: And most delegates have those failovers where they get messaged or they’ll get emailed or they get pinged on their phone that they’re missing blocks.

Justin Renken: Sure.

Travis Walker: So the majority of time, unless someone’s really in a deep slumber, or completely off the grid, usually everyone upgrades very fast.

Justin Renken: Okay. After that, the AIP11 2.1 situation will be going on. After the MainNet is live for ARK V2. So, what are the key things in AIP11? ‘Cause I know that some people in the ARK community, and probably outside as well, have some misconceptions about what is gonna be the ARK V2 hard fork. Like, the ARK V2 hard fork is gonna show up on day x. People might have a misunderstanding about what features and stuff are happening on that day, and then what additional features and stuff are happening on 2.1 day.

Justin Renken: Can you confirm those differences on that?

Travis Walker: There’s gonna be more than one of those, actually. It’ll be a 2.2 after that as well.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: The V2 upgrade is just the core itself. Complete swap to the new core. It also includes the dynamic fee structure and other small things.

Justin Renken: Of course.

Travis Walker: But …

Justin Renken: I wouldn’t call dynamic fees that small, Travis, I mean, it’s the first Delegated Proof of Stake to do it …

Travis Walker: Yes.

Justin Renken: And, I guess, in terms of the fees being small, you’d be right!

Travis Walker: Fair enough!

Travis Walker: But the V2 itself is going to be … it’s going to enable different transactions on the MainNet itself.

Justin Renken: So new transaction types. I’ve heard this phrase a lot, “New transaction types”.

Travis Walker: Yes.

Justin Renken: So, like, what kind of transaction types?

Travis Walker: Such as, I believe multi-payments is in that one.

Justin Renken: Oh, okay, right. So you could pay a bunch of people with one transaction. Right?

Travis Walker: Yeah. Well, it would be in one block. So you could send, theoretically, it’s not 100% tested yet …

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: But theoretically I think you could send over 2000 transactions at once, but then times that by however many transactions are accepted in the block. So if there are 150 transactions per block at that point in time …

Justin Renken: Yeah.

Travis Walker: Each transaction can be over 2000 transactions in one.

Justin Renken: Wow. So this sounds like it’ll come in really handy to pay voters. Is that right?

Travis Walker: Correct. Yes. It will eliminate a lot of the bloat from …

Justin Renken: From the actual voting situation.

Travis Walker: [crosstalk 00:22:48] Massive … from the massive amount of voters that sometimes delegates wanna pay out all at the same time. If you’re paying thousands and thousands of people out at the same time, you kinda slow the network down a little bit. But this multi-payments will really, really reduce that.

Justin Renken: It sounds like a good deal. So let’s go into a little bit more about these new transaction types. Now, I’ve also heard of this “Timelocks” or “Timelocking” transaction type. Can you go into a little bit more on that?

Travis Walker: Not from a development standpoint, but as a spectator in the background, I can.

Justin Renken: Okay.

Travis Walker: It’s going to, essentially, enable atomic swaps between our chains.

Justin Renken: Okay. That sounds like a decentralized SmartBridge to me.

Travis Walker: Sure?

Justin Renken: Okay. So, do you remember guys, there were some weeks ago, when I was talking about some whispers that I heard in various ARK communities about a decentralized SmartBridge? Now, in order to understand that aspect of it, we need to talk about ACES, which is a really great project run by the community, and ACES is a node system that allows for exchange of value and instructions between ARK blockchains and other [inaudible 00:24:02] chains. Chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Justin Renken: So the interesting thing about ACES is that the structure of ACES kind of puts it as the noderunners operating a business where their business is to exchange value or instructions between blockchains, and they can charge a fee as they need to. A flat fee or a percentage, or both. And then perform that service.

Justin Renken: So the way that it works is that if you have a lot of ACES nodes that are providing the same service between two different chains, it creates a lot of options for the end-user and the free market allows a competitive space that benefits the users. Not only that, but if you have a lot of ACES nodes servicing between blockchain A and B, and then you have some other ACES nodes servicing between blockchain A and C, if blockchain A and B is very popular and there’s a lot of interoperability going, then those fees in that environment might be boosted up a little bit where there’s a little bit more fees for the users because there’s just more demand. And that makes sense.

Justin Renken: But the users who are interoperating between blockchain A and C will not see those increases in fees. So it acts as a balancing act there where you’re not gonna be unfairly charged extra fees just because there’s a certain interoperability happening between two random chains that you don’t even care about.

Justin Renken: So this is one of the beauties of ACES. Now, the interesting thing about it is that it’s not entirely trustless, but it is considered decentralized in that there is no single point of failure.

Travis Walker: It’s a workaround, I would guess I would call it.

Justin Renken: Yeah.

Travis Walker: But you’re still with a third party, per se.

Justin Renken: Yeah. It’s kind of like this, guys. It’s kind of like, you know how you’re in your house and you have your internet provider, right? And the cable company has a monopoly on your area, and so you’re kind of like at their mercy. But with ACES it’s kind of like wireless carrier, so we’re like …

Justin Renken: But with Aces, it’s kind of like wireless carriers. Where, like, if you don’t like your wireless carrier. then you can just switch to another one. And they know that and because of that, they want to give you better service. So it’s kind of like that, like it’s not entirely trustless but there’s no single point of failure and it creates a marketplace that users can benefit from.

Justin Renken: So we say that to move into this where I said that there were talks in various Ark communities of decentralized smart bridge. What that is, is it’s essentially time-locked transactions between two chains that will allow the transfer of value-

Travis Walker: Let’s go back to the Aces themselves though because this is not going to eliminate Aces by any means because it’s still a very valuable service. Even like for somebody wants to run a private chain and doesn’t need to upgrade to V2. They can still use Aces for their current services if they want to spin up a second block chain internally like one for … they want to run an inventory chain and they wanted to run-

Justin Renken: Rewards program.

Travis Walker: Their current rewards program and whatever and they want the two to talk to each other, they can still use the Aces right now as is and that’s pretty big just for the private business.

Justin Renken: Yeah, absolutely. It definitely is and not only that but the Aces team is working on some new use cases for Aces besides just sending coins over here and sending coins over there. They’re working on some new marketplace ideas and some new ways to interact with different block chains in terms of like why you’re interacting with other block chains. You can check that out at their website which is

Justin Renken: Okay, so Travis, also on the blog, we have a recent article about the Hack-A-Thon season being back upon us. I’m really exited about that because that is the opportunity to expose our code base, our culture, and our solutions and ideas to the new squad. The programmers and developers who will dominating this industry in only a few short years.

Justin Renken: So Travis, how’s it going with the partnership with Major League Hacking? I know you’re the frontman on that and what’s been going on with the Hack-A-Thon situation?

Travis Walker: The partnership with MLH is building a workshop. Essentially it’s going to be a entire class project for everyone to get into block chain. Well, we’re going to make it so they have to all run a node on a network based on Ark and work with the transaction types to run a small business. This is going to be a 90 minute class and it’s going to be crash course into block chain right of bat and then it’s going to be a crash course into, “Okay, now build something on Ark.” We’re working on it right now. We should have something in early to mid-November as to start pushing it out to Hack-A-Thons.

Justin Renken: Awesome. So, I’ve been thinking about starting up a … some would call it a meet up but I would call it a workshop but it’s just not technical at all. It’s more like a workshop for users to use the wallets, learn about crypto, learn about block chains. Then, of course, learn about Ark, have some presentations and maybe have some quizzes with Ark prizes. I’ve wanted to start something up like this in LA because there’s just so many people in LA and it just makes sense that some of them would be interested to learn about Ark. Maybe get some sponsorships from some delegates who want to give away from Ark, give away some prizes for things like quizzes and stuff. This is the first time I’m kind of talking about it. It’s a bit of an exclusive too.

Travis Walker: There’s … you can also get … you probably can get a delegate or two to actually show up to help out.

Justin Renken: You know, that’s a really good point. That’s a really good point. I just met with Cali Delegate a few months ago. Cali Delegate is a team and I met up with Zarvoc, and Zarvoc and I had some brats, some beers, and talked about Ark. He showed me the commander. It was really cool. So I think that maybe I should reach out to him and see if we can get something going. I mean, it might not be right away, like things are always very busy. We’ll see how fast it takes to make this happen but it’s something that I’m very interested in.

Justin Renken: So Travis, I did want to tell you that I am so appreciative of being here in Vegas with you at the show. I’m always going to remember this experience so thank you very much, Travis. And thank you for coming on the cast with me.

Travis Walker: I’m glad you enjoyed it. And actually hope I get to … get a little more exposure on this podcast in the future too.

Justin Renken: Yeah. I’d love that.

Justin Renken: All right, that’s going to do it for this episode of the Ark Crypto podcast. Tune in next week for audio from my discussion on the panel for interoperability, our website, the, is really stepping up its game with easily streamable episodes and written transcripts as well. Coming soon.

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Justin Renken: Well, hey, you made it this far. Would you like to hear some bonus content? Well here’s a really exciting poker hand from the tournament featuring poker pro and crypto YouTuber Doug Polk, followed by The Winning Hand as we warp ahead to the end of the tournament featuring poker pro Dan O’Brien and crypto Twitter guy Jeremy @jebus911. We’ll see you next time.was

Phil Hellmuth: What? I just want win against Johnny Chan. Oh my God. Doug is smashing his boy Scottie over here. No mercy at the poker table.

Phil Hellmuth: People are paying thousands of dollars for seats just to be in this room.

Speaker 4: Just to be in this room.

Phil Hellmuth: Demon Girl. This is a very hot room.

Speaker 4: We’re in the presence of greatness.

Phil Hellmuth: Hot room.

Speaker 4: Much greatness.

Phil Hellmuth: Two tables left. Dan O’Brien professional poker player’s in there. Doug Polk, professional poker player. Scotty Nguyen. Three pros at this table.

Phil Hellmuth: What?

Speaker 4: That whole table … Everyone.

Phil Hellmuth: Doug Polk is all in up here at the feature table. Gather around if you want. Gather around if you want. He’s been called and Doug is in trouble.

Speaker 5: He’s in trouble.

Speaker 4: [inaudible 00:32:40] the whole bunch.

Speaker 6: Unreal.

Phil Hellmuth: Doug, you’re in the four business. It’s not a very profitable business. No it’s a bad business to be in. Doug needs a four, give us a card. There’s only three fours. He’s still 12%. Give us a card.

Phil Hellmuth: Oh. It’s a four on the turn, wow.

Speaker 6: It’s [inaudible 00:33:01] the four business.

Doug Polk: Give him a nine.

Speaker 4: The chosen one.

Speaker 6: I love the four business Phil. Thank you very much for giving me the mic for this. And, let’s see a river. No, no, no sorry, no okay.

Doug Polk: Set it up.

Phil Hellmuth: All right with one to come Doug’s going to win this pot unless a nine comes. Three nine’s. A king comes, three kings. Six out for you. 38 outs for Doug. Last card please.

Phil Hellmuth: Oh. Oh my God it’s a king on the river.

Speaker 6: Holy shit.

Phil Hellmuth: What in the world is going on here.

Speaker 6: That guy is lucky. That’s the guy that got me-

Phil Hellmuth: Wow. Kings and jacks it’s going to be jacks and fours.

Speaker 6: Hey Doug, hey Doug now I know why you’re retiring.

Phil Hellmuth: Doug, I know now why you’re retiring. It’s too tough to take the river.

Doug Polk: It was unlucky. That was unlucky.

Phil Hellmuth: I love Doug. Hey, Doug Polk, for the record I love Doug … #ILoveDougPolk okay.

Phil Hellmuth: [crosstalk 00:34:17].

Speaker 5: Let’s go Scotty.

Phil Hellmuth: Wow, what a king that was. Wow.

Speaker 5: You might fall away one.

Phil Hellmuth: I would have said nice hand.

Phil Hellmuth: I would have knocked the chair over. Swore.

Speaker 5: Yep. He would have laid on the floor.

Phil Hellmuth: Laid on the floor for 20 seconds. Yep. All true.

Phil Hellmuth: Tournament is on the line. It’s king-five versus queen-three. King-five is a two to one favorite. To win the pot and win the title. But Dan O’Brien’s won three million playing poker. Deal.

Phil Hellmuth: Just facts. There’s a three on the flop. The door card, but a king right behind it. Right now Dan needs a three. Two of those are queen, there’s three of those. Five out stand’s about 20% right now. He also wouldn’t mind a jack.

Phil Hellmuth: Give us a card. He wouldn’t mind a spade. That’s a horrible card for Dan. Almost the worst card in the deck. Dan needs a three. There’s two threes left. Two wins for Dan. 42 wins for you.

Phil Hellmuth: What?

Jeremy: If you want a name, Jeremy.

Phil Hellmuth: 42 wins for you Jeremy.

Jeremy: Woohoo.

Phil Hellmuth: That’s a woohoo moment.

Jeremy: It’s a two outer.

Phil Hellmuth: It’s a two outer.

Phil Hellmuth: Jeremy’s going win the title. Nice Job Jeremy. Well done.

Phil Hellmuth: It’s over baby. The champion has been declared, baby it’s over. You call me, it’s over baby. JD it’s over baby.

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