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Episode #011 – ARK Ecosystem Participation Checklist Q4 2018

The eleventh episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! It’s been 10 wonderful episodes, but it’s time to take a beat. If all you have been doing is listening, we appreciate it, but it’s time to take more action! Enter the very first interactive episode- be sure to have your desktop or laptop computer out and browser ready.

This episode is a checklist you can refer to for ways to participate in the ARK Ecosystem as someone who has just recently discovered our ambitious endeavor. The checklist has nine items, and whether you’re an ARK dabbler, an ARK fan, or a diehard ‘deluded arkie,’ there is probably something you aren’t doing yet on this list.

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This episode is hosted by Justin Renken.



Episode #11 TRANSCRIPT

Hi. This is Justin Renken, communications specialist for Well, today’s podcast episode has an unusually high number of external resources. We’re talking about community resources made my hardworking members who want to make a difference within the ARK community. We just want to make sure you know that is not directly affiliated with these external resources, and cannot control the content seen on these community resources. However, we do like that the community is making resources, so we want to tell you about them, but we are not liable for what you may see there. Thank you.

Hello, cryptoland. I’m Justin. It’s Friday, and this is the ARK Crypto Podcast, Episode 11. Well, another exciting week for ARK. Remember last week, when we did the BlockchainNW Mass Adoption Concepts presentation? Well, that video is now out, and you can watch that on the official YouTube channel. Nice. Secondly, my ARK Community Committee has successfully completed and launched its first project, dubbed, so you can go there and check out all of ARK’s achievements and accomplishments. That project was 100% funded after the fact by the ARK community, and we really appreciate all of the ARK we received. I distributed that ARK to the committee members who helped. I did not take any for myself. Nice.

Next, we’ve got a conference coming up in Vegas. This is the World Crypto Con conference in Vegas. Travis is going to be playing in a poker tournament during that conference, and I got so jealous that I had to throw my hat in the ring, too, so I am going to be there, too. I’m going to be playing poker, too, and we’re not going to be on a team. That’s not how poker tournaments work, guys. It’s every man for themselves. I’m trying to beat him. He’s trying to beat me. It’s Justin versus Travis. I want to take all his money. He wants to take all of my money. We’re going to see how that works out.

Not only that, but aside from an exciting conference full of a lot of floor space and exhibitors and talks, I will be a part of the Blockchain Interoperability Panel, which will take place on Friday, November 2nd. The conference starts on Halloween, marking the 10 year anniversary of the original Bitcoin white paper. There’s a fun fact for you. But I am looking very forward to participating in this Interoperability Panel, and I especially looking forward to meeting Paul, because Sarah B. from likes Paul, and I like Sarah, so log syllogism should play out here.

All right. Now, let’s move into this episode. Here we go. This episode is going to be another unique episode here on the podcast, the first interactive episode. What that means is you need to have your laptop or desktop computer ready to go with your browser open. I’m going to tell you about some resources, give you some information, and guide you around the ARKosphere so that we can achieve the next stage of participation, because that’s the goal. We need mass participation. If you’re driving, I recommend that you stop the podcast now and turn up your favorite artist, enjoy the music, start it back up when you are in front of your computer. Okay. Now, I get up every day, and I do two things. I show people who don’t know about ARK what it is, and I get people who like ARK to become more active participants in whatever way is comfortable for them, or whatever way they need to, or whatever way the ecosystem needs them to do. Today, we’re going to go through nine things that you should be doing if you are calling yourself an ARK fan, and you can check these off like a list. You can see which ones you’re doing, which ones you’re not. I would like for you to do one of these things today and another one of these things sometime this week before the next episode comes out. Can you handle that? Excellent. Okay. Let’s get started.

The first one is pretty easy. Is your ARK still on the exchange? If you currently have your ARK on Binance or Bittrex or another exchange, you should not have that stored there. You should get that off the exchange and put it onto a wallet. Well, lucky for you, ARK has beautiful desktop mobile paper and web wallets that focus on ease of use for the general public, so you can head over to … Get ready for this. … Yeah. That’s an easy one. Right? Go to, and then you’ll see, in the top right area, the wallet dropdown.

You’re going to choose the desktop wallet, and you can download that to your computer, desktop computer or laptop, or you can get your phone out and get the mobile wallet. That one is available on Android and the iOS store, as well, so you can download that. However, if you plan on storing vast quantities of ARK, I wouldn’t necessarily do that on the mobile wallet. I would do that on a desktop wallet with a ledger, and we’ll talk about that soon. But make sure that your ARK is not on the exchange. I repeat, not on the exchange. You want it to be in your own wallet so you can control your keys. Your keys, your coins.

All right. Let’s move on to the second item. Have you used all the wallets? Now, let’s say that you already have your ARK on your wallet, and you have for a while, but you haven’t dabbled in any of the other wallets. Well, if you have the desktop wallet and you haven’t checked out the mobile wallet yet, I invite you to do that today. Get your phone out and download it. You don’t have to store your actual ARK tokens on the mobile wallet. You can use it as watch-only, and then no one can spend it if they get ahold of your passcode for your phone and your passcode for your ARK app. Then, they won’t be able to spend anything. It’ll just be in watch-only mode, but it’s a very cool application. It’s a very cool way to get up-to-date on your balances and everything like that.

If you only have the desktop and the mobile wallet, why not try a paper wallet? Maybe give some ARK to a friend or a family member using the paper wallet. You can access that on You can also use the web lite wallet on the website, as well. That one does not allow for voting, but you can send ARK and, of course, receive ARK. You can receive ARK anytime, no matter what. Cool. Just make sure that you’ve tried out all the wallets.

Now, let’s move on to number three. Do you have a ledger? Okay? The ledger is a hardware wallet. That refers to a physical device whose purpose it is to protect your private keys, or your passphrases, the things that allow you to spend crypto on these blockchains. The ledger is a USB device, and you can get one of these devices on, so that is what you’ll want to check out. Once you go there, you’re going to see the official ARK branded ledger, really cool and only in a limited quantity. Once you get one of these, then you can attach this functionality to your desktop wallet, and then you can vote directly from your ledger. You can send tokens from your ledger and monitor your status and everything in the wallet interface, so it’s all very easy and intuitive.

It’s a couple steps to set this up, though, but not to worry, because, though, a community website called has a reference to a blog article that ARK did about setting up your ledger, so you can do that by going to Then, you’ll see the media area in the top. You’re going to choose articles. After you choose articles, you’re going to scroll all the way down, and you’re going to see the article that teaches you how to set up your ledger with the ARK wallet. Once you’ve done this, then you’re running your coins on a very secure situation. You’ve got the ledger. It’s very secure, more secure than, for example, trying to remember it or a file on your computer that someone can steal. No, no, no. You want a ledger. It just makes sense.

Okay. Let’s go to number four now. Do you have an improvement idea for one of the ARK products that you use? Are you using any of these wallets or maybe the explorer or something like that, and you have an idea to make it better or add a feature? Well, you should tell the developers. We have team developers, and we have community developers. They’re all collaborating together on the GitHub to enhance and grow these products. You have full control to suggest new features and also report issues. You can do that by getting a GitHub account and then opening a GitHub issue at the repo, which is Ark Ecosystem, so it would be Then, you can report issues in various repos.

Now, here’s a quick note. ARK v2 is just around the corner, and we have some huge upgrades that are getting baked into all of these ARK products, so it might not make sense to analyze the current product that you see today, the one out there in the field, and then suggest on top of that. What I recommend you do is send me an email of your idea, and then what I’ll do is, after all these new products get launched, I’ll compare it with all the suggestions I receive and see if I need to open GitHub issues for the new products, themselves. You can do that by sending me an email to These suggestions can be anything, anything like, ” Well, this button is kind of in a weird spot, and this is the reason why,” or, “How about we have a popup that tells the user about something when something goes wrong or when something is happening for the first time,” just different things that might help the user experience. All suggestions are welcome, so send me an email,, if you have been floating around some ideas to improve our products.

Okay. Let’s go to number five. Number five is very simple. Are you voting? If you have ARK, and you have it on a wallet, are you voting? If you’re not voting, this section is for you. This is how voting works. The common users use their wallets to vote for delegates who secure the network and create new ARK tokens. One ARK equals one vote weight, and this helps prevent delegate cartels that can muscle out other delegates, as can happen with some other Delegated Proof of Stake models. Every eight seconds, two new ARK are created and shared with all voters, depending on how the delegates structure their proposals.

… with all voters, depending on how the delegates structure their proposals. The top 51 delegates voluntarily share the new Ark tokens with their voters, increasing their voters’ holdings through inflation that decays towards zero over time. What this means is that if you are voting, you are doing two very important things. You are contributing your voice to the network governance system that is saying who gets to have a say in the network and who doesn’t in terms of being able to create new Ark tokens and add transactions to the ledger and run unique and valuable Ark services, receive funding for those services.

So you have a say in all that, and your vote decides the top 51 delegates. The top 51 delegates are not team. They are separate community pillars that offer their own unique point of view and perspective and skill set to the Ark ecosystem. They need your votes. Now, as team, I cannot recommend specific delegates nor do I endorse certain delegates that you should vote for. However, I do encourage you to participate in this system and make sure that you are helping contribute to the governance.

To learn more about voting, you can go to Then you’ll see something called delegate. That’s the area you’ll want to go to. This is going to show you some helpful videos about voting, some helpful articles about how voting works, and some resources that you can use to learn about all the delegates and what they offer in their proposals. A notable one is That one is maintained by delegate deadlock, and it has information on all the delegates. Voting is easy, so if you’re not voting yet, now is your chance. Okay, excellent. Let’s move on to item number six.

Item six is do your current votes reflect how you really feel? I’m going to repeat that. Item six is do your current votes reflect how you really feel? I bring this up to talk about what some might call procrastination, because you always had a reason at the beginning why you voted for a certain delegate. For example, if your reason that you voted for a certain delegate at the beginning was that they plan on doing stuff for Ark and offering delegate services, and if today you’re not satisfied with the results or the scope or the speed of deployment of these services, then perhaps you should consider changing your vote.

I’m not telling you what to do with your votes, and I’m not telling you what should be important to you. I’m just telling you to look at yourself, and if you are voting for a delegate right now that you feel in your heart should be changed to a different delegate, and you’re not doing it because, “Oh, I don’t have time,” or, “Oh, I’m busy,” or, “Oh, I have to go drive 50 miles outside of town and dig up my ledger I have in a hole in the ground, the second oak tree to the right. Yeah, okay. Dig that hole. Get that, and then I can finally change my delegate vote,” well, I think that you should consider killing that procrastination and getting that done. That’s what this episode is about. So if you feel differently about your votes than you did in the past and you need to make an adjustment, I’m telling you to make that adjustment. I’m not telling why or how or what or anything like that. I’m just telling you to not procrastinate on this. Okay? Thanks.

Let’s move on to item seven. This is a cool one. Item seven is have you earned or won any Ark yet? Well, that’s exciting. Have you earned or won any Ark? Well, there’s so many ways to earn and win Ark within the Ark ecosystem and community that it must be shared all the time. If you like Ark, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be chasing more Ark, especially if you don’t have to buy it on the exchange. It just makes sense.

Here are some ways for you to earn or win Ark. If you haven’t done any of these, then I suggest that you get started with one today. First up, we have the Ark community fund. Now, that’s available at If you go to that website, you can see all the proposals that the various community members submit. There’s Ark attached to those proposals that the board votes on whether that proposal should be passed or rejected, and then those applicants receive Ark to carry out their vision of their projects. So you can get Ark if you have a cool idea that helps the ecosystem.

Moving on, we have contests. There are so many contests running in the Ark ecosystem and the community that it’s really hard not to stumble over one. What I recommend first if you’re interested in participating in contests is to go to arkdelegates. io. Once you’re there, you should seek out the delegates that have Twitter accounts and other social media accounts. You’ll want to follow those, because there’s going to be contests that they run on Twitter. It happens quite frequently. Not only that, but the Ark subreddit is a really good place to monitor contests. That’s going to be at

Another great way to stay up to date on contests is to go to the community website That’s going to be in the community section, and then you drop down and hit events. That’s going to show you all the contests.

Next up we have the Ark faucet. The Ark faucet is run by delegate biz_classic. The Ark faucet awards free Ark to whoever visits the website. It’s really cool. You can access the faucet on Now, since we’re here on arkdirectory. com/services, you can also play games and win Ark daily. This is delegate Fun’s contribution to the Arkosphere. You can play one of two games. The Stay Deluded crypto game, aka Match Three, and the newer Bold Ninja game, which is an endless runner. Just click on either of those games and get a chance to win free Ark daily. It’s pretty cool.

Next up we’ve got voting rewards. We talked about voting rewards a little bit earlier, and we talked about voting with your wallet. But to be more specific, you can earn Ark on a continuous basis in exchange for voting for a delegate. The Ark you have carries a certain weight. So if you vote for a delegate with a large amount of Ark, you will receive more Ark ongoing from that delegate voluntarily. If you vote with less Ark, you will receive less Ark in terms of voting rewards. There are various calculators you can use to determine how much Ark you’re expected to receive from certain delegates. That is available at If you just want a quick and dirty breakdown, I worked out that for the average foraging delegate, like plus or minus, you can expect to receive one Ark per month for every 132 Ark you vote with or you hold. So it’s very general, and that number will evolve slowly over time, according to the average vote weight of the average delegate, but at the moment, in general, it’s about a one to 1/32 ratio in terms of ARC monthly.

Let’s move on to retail. You can start a business and sell goods or services, digital goods, and receive Ark in exchange for that. This has a handy advantage because of the mark up that you can charge people so that you receive more crypto than your goods or services are worth, and then you can sustain against market volatility using your profits from retail sales. That’s not investment advice. That’s business advice, and I’m not telling you to buy the Ark token or anything like that, but retail is a great way to stack up your crypto. If you want more crypto, it makes sense, because you’ll get twice as much as you would get on the exchange if your margins are 50%. So et cetera, et cetera retail. There’s more information about that on That’s one’s in media, and then you drop down. You’ll see media kits. There’s a presentation called Streams of Income, and that talks about everything I’m talking in section seven, this section right here. Okay, great.

Let’s go to services and favors. Something else you can do is hit me up directly on Slack or Discord. Hit up delegates. Just ask them if there’s anything you can do to help them in their daily life in exchange for a small amount of Ark. You will be surprised. You’ll be surprised who will take you up on that. It’s a cool way to get a small amount of Ark. It’s a cool way to help the ecosystem and help people who are crushing it every day to make the ecosystem into a thing and a bigger thing than it was yesterday. So check that out, too.

Next up we’ve got general bounties. You can monitor the Ark subreddit for those. These are things like the bounties that I contributed to, actually. I received Ark from the team as a community member in exchange for writing some of the documentation on So it worked out quite well. If you detect any additional bounties that show up, they’re going to show up in the subreddit and on the Ark blog, which is at So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Next up we’ve got hosting events. You can host a meet up in your area, talk about Ark. We can set you up with presentation materials. This is something that Matthew DC, the chief strategy officer of Ark, is interested in developing a type of program like this. So if you want to be a part of that program or help that become a thing and earn some Ark for talking about Ark, then please contact Matthew DC. You can email him on You can also contact him on the Ark Slack, and we can go from there. Great.

Let’s go on to the foraging delegate notes. Right. You can become a foraging delegate, and you can earn Ark in terms of foraging new Ark and helping the network stay resilient and reliable. Now, there’s some information about how much Ark you can earn and how that all works in the Streams of Income presentation that I mentioned earlier, so check that out.

Next up we’ve got code bounties. This is an ongoing program, and Ark has a bounty wallet that it uses to reward community developers for squashing bugs and implementing new features into our open source Ark products. It’s really very cool, and it’s head up by Rok, aka Bold Ninja, on the Ark team. So he’s really cool and fun to work with, and it’s a lot of-

He’s really cool and fun to work with and it’s a lot of good times, just helping ARK and developing for the future. You can learn more about that on the ARK blog, which is at Every month we release the GitHub bounty winners, who win large amounts of ARK, and then we also offer small ARK bounties that you can grab just for completing a poll request or comment. So you can learn more about that by checking out the blog and seeing how it all works.

Okay, next up we’ve got Hack-a-thon. So Hack-a-thons are happening all over the world with ARK and this season the Hack-a-thon season, you know, because school and everything, so it’s going to start ramping up and all that. You can keep your eye out for Hack-a-thons on the Reddit and ARK blog for sure. That’s going to tell you where the next ones are going to be. There are usually prizes involved with these Hack-a-thons so you and a small team will think of an idea and build that idea using ARK technology in X hours or less and then compete and be judged and see which one is the winner. It’s a really fun way to get your hands wet with the ARK code base. So if you are interested in programming and just like being a part of that subcommunity, I recommend that you seek out Hack-a-thons and give them a try. Okay.

Great. Next up we’ve got careers. If you feel that you can bring a unique skill set to the ARK team, let us know and send an email to ARK loves hiring directly from the community. And the ARK community is an endless source of skills and talent. I’ve seen that firsthand. And that’s why I love to be a member in the community and now on the ARK team because I feel that my skills, talents and efforts are not going unnoticed. So if you are interested in joining the team, send us an email.

So last up, we’ve got my ARK community committee. So the ARK community committee runs on the ARK discord at So if you are not a member of that yet, I recommend that you become a member then you can hit me up and ask to join the ARK committee. The ARK community committee is funded by the community and that’s a lot of syllables, huh, it’s funded by the community and in our most recent launch,, that project garnered 1,000 ARK from the community that I handed out to all the community members who helped. Yeah, it’s a lot of syllables, it’s a lot of c’s, it’s a lot of m’s, it’s a lot of t’s. The ARK community committee. Get started with it today.

Okay, let’s move on the item number eight. Now have you spend any ARK yet? Have you traded any ARK for goods and services or are you just holding it or are you just trading it? Well, there are a lot of ways for you to spend ARK that you may have seen around the ARKosphere. Let’s touch on them briefly now.

So to look at these, you can go to ARK directory and then you’ll see community area and you’ll go to services. Cool, these are all the ways that you can interact with the ARK community using the ARK [inaudible] token. Nice. Let’s start out with delegate ARK moons, So this is an e-commerce retail channel and it offers tools for sellers and easy features that buyers use to exchange ARK for cool stuff. Currently, has some commemorative coins that you can get and ARK sticker packs that are mailed anywhere in the world. That leads us to That is my service that I started as a community member. What I do is I mail sticker packs, very high quality, large and small, multi-colored ARK stickers all over the world along with an ARK info sheet. Pretty cool.

Moving on we’ve got arktipper. So arktipper is a delegate service that is launched by delegate cryptology and arktipper is a really fun way to utilize the ARK [inaudible] token because whenever you are on Reddit, you can use arktipper to tip any Reddit user some ARK. You can do that in the form of ARK directly. You can also do it in form of USD equivalent value and there’s other currencies that are supported and there’s also other ways to interact with the arktipper and I can’t go into all of them now. It’s just versatile. You should go check it out. That’s at Okay, so it’s arktippr, all one word, there’s no er at the end. It’s just tippr. Great. You can tip other Reddit users for providing really cool ARK content on the ARK subreddit or you can tip your friends. You can also send ARK directly to them using private messaging. It’s really nice and I invite you to use it one time.

So next up we’ve got is a delegate service run by Cam’s Yellow Jacket. Cam’s Yellow Jacket is a new delegate on the block that plans to produce high quality ARK videos and I cannot wait to see the first one. You can get high quality metal, decorative ARK logos that you can use anyway you want. Check it out today at Next up, we’ve got So this is and what is Well, this is a community service that is run by broadcast junky and broadcast junky is an ARK fan who also happens to be a cybersecurity professional and he felt that it would be great to add value to the ecosystem by allowing a service for people to secure their computers with powerful enterprise antivirus software that you can’t necessarily get on your own at the same price and offer those services along with helpful advice and consulting. This is all very carefully described on the website and you may have some questions about how this works and what this actually entails but it is all quite easy to understand on the website. So arkforit, it’s a great service, try it out.

We’re going to culminate this list with That’s going to be This is a very cool e-commerce website run by an ARK fan and you can purchase tea using the ARK token and get a 20% discount. How cool is that?

So here’s the podcast, okay, I’m hearing the podcast. I’m talking to you, you are listening to all my episodes. This is episode 11. You are having a good time. You are looking forward to the next episode, okay. It’s time for you do at least one thing for me and do something on this list. Do any one thing you want on this list. It doesn’t have to be It doesn’t have to be getting really, really nice ARK stickers and shipped all over the world. It doesn’t have to be that but it has to be something in this list. We need to help the community service providers. If you can get that done, then you are the real MVP.

Okay, let’s close this episode with item number nine. Item number nine is if you are considering launching a delegate and delegate proposal, have you launched that yet? You’ve been thinking, you’ve been talking with friends, you’ve been kind of outlining a general concept of an idea of maybe a delegate proposal perhaps. I want you to sometime this week if you have already been thinking about that, to flush that out further and pick that back up and get that going. Okay, because new delegates are super exciting. I can’t wait for the next new delegate to show up. Every time a new delegate is showing up in 2018, it’s getting cooler and cooler and cooler and the delegate veterans are just ramping up their services more and more and more and that is really a key driving force in the overall ecosystem and community. Interoperability aside, bridgechains aside, okay, the delegate landscape is, I feel, a very notable source of value in the ARK ecosystem and we can only expect this landscape to grow in scope and reach as delegates come into the ring and delegates evolve their services. So if you have been thinking about throwing your hat into the ring on this, then you should start doing that and getting that done. Because I literally cannot wait to see what you have cooked up.

In conclusion, you can clearly tell by the tension in my voice, that I want you do to stuff and I want you to do ARK stuff and if you are not doing ARK stuff, you better start because that’s what this is. That’s what blockchains are. Blockchains are people doing stuff. And I’m doing stuff and the team is doing stuff and the delegates are doing stuff and you need to also do stuff. So pick one of these nine items, if you didn’t do it, do it. If you are doing all nine of these items, congratulate yourself. If there’s something you can work on a little bit, do that. Great. We understand each other.

All right. That’s going to do it for this episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast. Tune in next week for episode 12. Now this episode is going to be released while I an literally in Vegas so how is that going to work? I don’t know. I want to get content and then I want to edit that content and then I want to release that content. Ooh, I’m going to have to figure that one out but I can definitely promise you that episode 12 is going to have a lot interesting factors. Factors like six, four, three and if we have time, two, one and twelve.

You can subscribe to the ARK Crypto Podcast one and twelve. You can subscribe to the ARK Crypto Podcast at our website, the You can also subscribe directly on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify and a brand new service that you can see on the You can also follow us on Twitter at ark_podcast and you can even stream our episodes directly inside of our tweets. How cool is that?

See you next time.

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