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Episode #010 — ArkTimeline Project Launch & Mass Adoption Presentation — BlockchainNW Seattle Oct 16 2018

The tenth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This episode brings us back into the action after a brief break. The recently formed ARK Community Committee has launched its first collaborative project, Check it out and learn of all ARK’s many achievements since inception. This was a joint effort from many committee members, and you can see the chat history of collaboration at #committee. Today is a very proud day for ARK!

The ACC needs 1000 ARK so I can pay the hardworking team, keeping none for myself. Here are more details on how to help:

Also in this episode, you’ll hear my talk on Mass Adoption Concepts at BlockchainNW in Seattle, WA on October 16th. I met some ARK fans there as well, including the winner of the DI1BT Contest! How cool is that?

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This episode is hosted by Justin Renken.



Hello, Cryptoland. I’m Justin. It’s Friday and this is ARK Crypto Podcast, Episode 10. Well, a lot going on for me at least with ARK this week, a lot to talk about and I’m super excited. Ah, hard to keep my mind in order. Let’s do first things first. Last week, there is no episode released seven days ago for the podcast, and you noticed that the week before that there were two episodes released.

You could say that we released two and then we didn’t release one the next week, and now, we’re back. You could say that I got really sick which I did, and you don’t want to hear that voice in the podcast. It wasn’t sounding great. And so you can pick the reason you like better and apply that to why there was no episode last week. But we are back with episode 10 and you know what that means, the ARK Crypto Podcast, since its launch, has gone 10x.

Now, the podcast has some new exclusive, never before heard content that you can here today in this episode. That is, my talk from the Seattle Blockchain Northwest Summit that I went to on Tuesday. And I had a really great time there. It was a really nice conference and a lot of great speakers and very cool panels with really nice themes. And a lot of people wanted to talk to me about ARK like during the breaks and after that the show and everything.

When I first got there, there was some issues that were going on with the sound and video projection, lights and stuff, and I have a lot of experience there. So I was able to help the Blockchain Northwest team. I get everything up and running smoothly. I also never leave home without my wireless kit, so I was traveling with that, and we use that to help the panels get mic’ed up with multiple wireless mics and it sounded really great.

So, I was really pleased to be a part of this summit as well in terms of helping it run smoothly. And you can see some photos on Twitter but more importantly, you can hear what I’ve said in this episode. So we’re going to listen to that. And a video will be released on the YouTube channel that we recorded in 4K in all of its beauty that you can check out over there as well. That’s not out yet but it’s coming soon.

What else is going on in the ARKosphere? Well, you might recall that a few weeks ago, I launched what’s called the ARK Community Committee and the ARK Community Committee is a group of people that volunteered to do cool ARK stuff together, collaborate all over the world, and we started up with our first project codename CHRONOS.

This was probably maybe a month ago that we started this up, and I’m pleased to announce that as of today, it’s ready and launched. The real name of project CHRONOS is What is ArkTimeline? Well, this is a resource that multiple people in the committee came together to make into a reality that allows anyone to see how far ARK has come since its inception in late 2016 and mainnet launch in early 2017.
You’ll notice that Twitter has a lot of info about crypto projects and what’s going on. The issue is it’s really hard to kind of see in the past the ARK of accomplishment that a project has and then the roadmap tends to focus more on general achievements over time. So I thought that there’s a lot of value in being able to get caught up quickly if you first hear about a project, but they’ve already been running for two years, something like ARK. There should be a quick way for you to kind of see everything that’s happened from ARK’s point of view, from the project’s point of view and search it, filter it, explore it and in terms of categories.

This is what ArkTimeline is. It’s the Twitter account of, the ARK Ecosystem @ArkEcosystem but instead of looking at tweets and endless scrolling, we’ve designed headlines that kind of read like slugs that describe events that happened in the ARKosphere over time. These slugs are also categorized so you can basically see, for example, all of the accomplishments relating to the wallet, what day it happened. There was a release, what was it, when was Ledger integrated, things like that. You can click on it, and then you can see the tweet.
Not only that but you can search and filter. You can also search by date so if you’re wondering for example what did ARK do in Q1 2018, you can set a date filter. If you’re only interested in, for example, interoperability, you can click that checkbox and see all of the events that pertain to your parameters. Not only that but we have a really cool feature that we call Big. So if we determine an event to be big, for example, the formation of the SCIC business entity or the approval of the mobile wallet on the iOS store. That’s going to be specifically marked and colorized so you can see which events are big, big if true, and they are.

So check out this resource at Now, that we’ve launched it, I did bring up when I first formed the committee that I intend to seek out bounties to compensate people for volunteering their time and contributing to various projects. It’s kind of more like we show you results and then you appreciate those results, and feel more comfortable putting up ARK in exchange for having these resources exist.

So what I’ve done is I’ve set up an ARK address. This is an ARK address that you can see on the ArkStickers Twitter. I released a tweet with the QR code and the address for the ARK timeline bounty address. Now, the goal is 1,000 ARK for the ACC. I am not going to accept any ARK personally. I’m only a liaison project manager. Only ARK Community Committee members who are working on the project, for example, categorizing and naming all of these events. The dev team, it’s a two-person dev-team who built the actual resource, made it all talk.

There’s a really smart and intelligent admin control panel login area, so members who don’t know anything about coding can maintain as an admin, maintain the resource as new events happen. It’s really quite intelligent. It also has day and night mode. I know ARK fans really love day and night mode. It has that. And so, what I want to do is I want to get 1,000 ARK into this address. This can come from Ark Angels like private holders. This can come from the ACF. This can come from the ARK Bounty Wallets.

It can also come from community members or delegates and once it gets to a thousand, I already have the breakdown of the percentage contribution of all the different members, and I’ll be able to award them for their help. So if you would be so kind as to contribute some ARK after experiencing a resource if you really like it, then please start filling up that wallet.

Our next projects are in the works. We’ve got a couple of them and I’m not too sure which one we’re going to tackle next, but we really do hope that you enjoy and there it is. So let’s move into the exclusive release of my presentation ARK Ecosystem Mass Adoption Concepts that I gave at Blockchain Northwest in Seattle on Tuesday, October 16th. Enjoy.

Next, we have Justin Renken from It’s the next generation blockchain platform. Also, I want to give a big shoutout to Justin too helping us on a few things on the AV as [inaudible 00:08:43] from Los Angeles. So, Justin Renken.

Yeah, I got the clicker, yeah. Thank you.

What’s up, everyone? Blockchain Northwest, here we are, very cool. I appreciate you guys not clapping, it means you want to see if I’m good. I get it. You’re very discerned for sure. I was really excited to come out to this conference because it’s in a comedy club and I’ve done stand-up comedy so this is like my zone, I feel very comfortable. Now, I’m up here talking about blockchains so that’s even cooler., it’s a really exciting platform that has been getting worked on for over two years now something like that, and a lot of accomplishments along the way as well. What we’re going to do today is talk about some mass adoption concepts. I custom cooked up a little presentation for Blockchain Northwest specifically because the theme is mass adoption concepts, of course.

And when a community member over in ARK messaged me about this conference, I was like, “Well, let me check it out.” So I sent email. I was like, “Hi, my name is Justin. I am from point-click blockchain and I want to do a little talk at your conference, see kind of what’s going on.” He’s like, “Oh, hi, Justin. I’m Justin too. Let me tell you all about the conference.” I was like, “Oh, hold on, you have the same name as me? All right, I’m in. I’m already booking you right now.” Same name squad. Nice.

Let’s get started with that. I’m going to start with some abstract concepts, just things that I kind of feel and ARK feels are important to get to what we call mass adoption. What is that? What does that entail? And then I’m going to talk about ARK and the concrete applications that ARK is using to achieve and kind of relate back to these abstract concepts relating to mass adoption. So, let’s get started with that.
Get out my handy-dandy remote here, test that out. Cool, that’s our logo. It’s pretty one, red and pointy. You’ll see it on page one of CoinMarketCap. This presentation is available on a community website called I also have four other presentations that they cover lots of different things from what it is, how the inflation works, different ways that people can earn and get ARK within the ecosystem. You can check that out. There’s also a lot of other resources there.

And there are some disclaimers as we know. We know this because we watched the videos on YouTube and they all have them so here we go. This is not investment advice. You guys knew that. It’s not solicitation of investment and the presentation does not contain any insider information. The presenter might be on the team. In this case, I am. I’m the communications specialist for I was hired about three months ago.
The accuracy of statements is not guaranteed and the ARK token is not a security and the presenter likely holds ARK tokens. I do. In fact, I have 20 ARK tokens on my phone right now and if any of you would like to download the ARK mobile wallet which is on Android and iOS, at the end of my presentation, I will ask someone to volunteer to come up and receive the ARK that I have on my phone on to your phone. You’ll receive that ARK within eight seconds, which is a very fast block time for decentralized project such as ARK.

Hit the iOS store or the Android store right now if you want to download the app and you want to create a wallet. It’s very easy to use that’s why I’m not giving you any instructions because ARK is a platform for consumer adoption. We want everything to be very, very easy. So why don’t you tell me if it’s easy and if you like it, then I’ll give you some ARK.

Let’s go to the next slide and that’s me because I have a remote. Not used to having a remote, guys. So, abstract concepts, we’re going to talk about these and then we’re going to talk about ARK and how ARK is using this to kind of marry this all together. Abstract concepts like mass participation, reduction of barrier to entry, the emotional response, community strength and the inspiration feedback loop, that’s one of my favorites.
And then ARK which has beautiful wallets and elegant voting system using the Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain consensus algorithm. And we have what’s called push button blockchain which allows you to deploy a blockchain in minutes, seconds in the future for any used case that you want. As well, SmartBridges, we want to link together all these blockchains that you’re deploying. Not only that but we want to link together all the blockchains because it just makes sense. We need that to have mass participation. It’s not just going to be one coin everywhere. It’s going to be a bunch of coins that need to talk to each other.

We’ll also talk a little bit about the partnerships and events that ARK is a part of and streams of income as well, how to get ARK, very cool. Mass participation, I hear mass adoption a lot and what is mass adoption? Is mass adoption just, “I have ARK and I give you the ARK and you give me a hotdog and a bunch of people do that?” Is that mass adoption?

It seems kind of simple to me. I think that mass participation makes a little bit more sense because in blockchain world, there are so many opportunities that people can take advantage of that they might not be exposed to in their everyday lives. Once people get accustomed to that, then they’ll be able to use those opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. They’re not just consumers that are like buying stuff with cryptocurrency. They’re also participants who are helping add value to the ecosystem.

It’s not just about the people who have their pictures on the website adding value to the ecosystem, guys. It’s about everyone who’s participating in the ecosystem acting as a participant. You want to give everyone a place to fit in within the ecosystem. AKR does this very well.

Also, a very big one, we like to call this the special sauce of the ARK. It reduces the barrier to entry. We want to make ARK easy for users to start using crypto and blockchains like the wallets and things like that. We want to make it easy for developers to launch their own blockchains. This makes sense because if you’re sitting as a small business, or if you’re sitting as a college student in a dorm room somewhere, some small operation but you have the big idea, you want to get from big idea to here’s my blockchain as fast as possible. That way, you can develop on top of it. You don’t have to worry about having all of the, I don’t know, you’d call it the trinkets and the infrastructures and all that. It’s kind of all handed for you.

And we have a modular system that lets you just plug and play different modules. You want interplanetary file system? Press here. You want ARK virtual machines? You can run smart contracts in your own blockchain, not some other mainnet. Press here. Then you get your own blockchain. Really nice, make it very easy.

Also easy for everyone to interact with other blockchains. We do that with our SmartBridge Technology. The community protocol called ACES or ARK Contract Execution Services. What ACES does is it allows someone who has ARK and an ARK wallet to interact with another blockchain like for example Bitcoin. If the guy that has your hotdog only accepts Bitcoin, you can use ARK and the SmartBridges to send ARK and then they will receive Bitcoin all seamlessly in the background, making it very easy for the end user. This, of course, can be expanded and scaled to any cryptocurrency out there.
Not only that, but the ACES team has successfully established two-way transfers with Ethereum. For example, you can trigger an Ethereum smart contract without even owning the token of Ethereum or touching the Ethereum blockchain. You can do that with ARK and the ACES protocol. So, easy, easy, easy. You guys with me so far? Very cool.

Emotional response. We want to offer people more than just like the risk/reward volatility. If everybody was comfortable with taking risks and gambling and stuff, there would be no meaning of the word. It’s about not everybody is willing to do that. What ARK does and what I personally observed through my own personal experience from being a community member within ARK is that it offers me something like pride, fulfillment, accomplishment, belonging, the sense that I’m a part of something, doing something. What I’m doing is making a difference. I’m making lots of friends all over the world.

All these things play together and have nothing to do with graphs, the price going up and down, any of that. It’s more like, “Huh, my life is kind of better off now that I know about blockchains and I’m doing blockchain stuff than before.” And once people get wind of this and kind of figure this out, we can get to that mass adoption situation, which of course, ties into community strength.

We want to create a community of doers, not watchers, at ARK at the very least. With ARK, the community placed a key role even at the most entry level of I-have-the-token because of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Users can vote for delegates who secure the network, create new ARK tokens and run unique and valuable community services that you can use when you’re using the ARK mainnet token. And that voting situation achieves the decentralization but maintains the performance which is why Delegated Proof-of-Stake is cool.

There are some things that you want to watch out for and avoid with Delegated Proof-of-Stake. But don’t worry because ARK avoids them all, and we’re going to talk about that. You want to give members an opportunity to make a difference and enable members to collaborate with each other. If you have teams who inspire other teams, who work with other teams, who nobody necessarily knows exactly what everybody is doing but everybody is unified in a common goal, that’s how you can really scale the participation. And ARK is well primed for that.

And finally, the inspiration feedback loop. I did touch a little bit about that just now. People, they jump in and do stuff. Others see how cool and easy it is to do stuff. They jump in and do new stuff. This inspires cooler and more stuff and positive reinforcement closes the loop. When you have this loop closed, you’ll have someone like me who gets up and talks about ARK and how cool and easy it is to do cool ARK stuff. Somebody over here is listening to me and now, it makes them want to do the cool ARK stuff and they might know a little bit more than me or even be a little bit more talented than me in certain areas. But now, they’re contributing those talents to ARK and then it kind of feeds back like that, inspiration feedback loop.

Abstract concepts, we got them. Let’s talk about the concrete applications starting with the wallets and voting. And I start with the wallets and voting because it is well known that ARK has the most beautiful desktop, mobile, paper, and web wallets out there. Very intuitive, very easy to use. I’m on the Slack all the time where people will join the community and they’ll say, “I’m literally only here because my mom figured out how to use the wallet.” I’m quoting. It’s very easy to use. Mom can use it, very cool.

All the wallets launched instantly, so you don’t have to like sync stuff. That’s all taken care of through the DPOS consensus algorithm. And it’s available on Google Play and iOS. It’s open source as well just like everything else ARK related. The community can suggest features directly and work on the code which is cool. That ties into mass participation. You want everybody contributing their ideas, making the product better, a reduction of barrier to entry, so easy to use.

Also, the desktop wallet is integrated with Changelly, so you can buy ARK from the directly inside the desktop wallet which is really handy. You can also do that with a credit card depending on your country region with Fiat. Also the desktop wallet is integrated into the Ledger Nano S, so you can have your coins on your desktop wallet and protect them with your Ledger. You can also vote for delegates using your Ledger. How secure is that? Nice.

Also, the emotional response. I have a friend who has suggested a feature in the mobile wallet and said, “Hey, I have a really cool idea for a feature.” I said, “Hey, get on the GitHub and suggest that feature.” So, he did. He laid out the details and then the team put that into the wallet in the next update. He was like, “Whoa, this is my idea. It’s now in the wallet. How cool is that?” That’s the emotional response that we’re talking about. And, of course, that inspires everybody else to get involved.

We talked about wallets. Now let’s talk about voting. Now with voting, the users vote for delegates and in ARK, there’s 51 Delegates who create new ARK tokens, secure the blockchain, and offer unique ARK services. There’s also relay notes that increase the resilience of the network. They don’t create new tokens but they’re useful for providing like tendrils to connect to the blockchain and also just making it more robust in general.
Now as a user, you’ll vote with your wallet and it’s one vote per ARK. If you have 100 ARK, you have 100 votes. You can only vote for one delegate at a time. You can’t vote for multiple delegates. Now these delegates create new tokens and they don’t keep them all. They voluntarily share them with their voters through the blockchain. They pay that out voluntarily and you get what’s called voting rewards. And that means that you can basically stake while your wallets are offline. If you have some ARK on a desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, then you can vote for a delegate, shut off your phone, shut off your computer. Nobody cares. The delegates do their thing. They reward you ARK. It’s super easy, very easy to use, very intuitive.

Now, the delegates do not control your coins at any point, so you’re not giving your funds to them. You’re just storing your ARK in your wallet and your ARK has weights that is assigned to the delegate that you’re voting for. If your ARK and your wallet or goes up or down, you add ARK to it or expand ARK. Your voting weight will automatically adjust and you don’t have to do anything. It’s all very intuitive and very easy.
You can get ARK throughout the year. How much can you get? Well, it’s kind of complicated. There’s lots of factors that determine how much ARK you can get but this is a very general average number that I like to tell people that for the average forging delegate expects one ARK per month for every 132 ARK in your wallet that you have in your wallet. If you have a 132 ARK in your wallet, you’ll be getting about one ARK per month from the average delegate. You can go to to learn more about how delegates work, how voting works, who the delegates are. They all offer really cool services that you can also check out as well.
Delegated Proof-of- Stake, let’s talk about that. Delegated Proof of Stake is the consensus algorithm. It’s faster than Proof-of-Work, more representative than Proof-of-Stake. You can run delegate nodes with standard hardware. The ARK protocol help prevent voting cartels because it’s one ARK per one vote weight. And you can become a forging delegate with zero funds. All you need is the votes, so you don’t have to like be rich already to have a say in the network. All you need is support.

Anyone with a team wallets don’t vote delegates in the power. It’s all the community. It’s all the network. The ARK team and the ARK wallets don’t point at people and say, “You’re a delegate, you’re not.” That’s important for decentralization. And this ties into reducing the barrier-to-entry, emotional response, the community strength and the inspiration feedback loop. Because with the delegates, when the network first launched, anyone could become a delegate.
But eventually, new delegates came in to offer higher payouts. And then after that, newer delegates came in to launch unique services that says if you vote me into power, not only will I pay you a lot of ARK out but I’ll also, for example, like run video game tournaments or also design cool games people can play and earn ARK or I’ll have an ARK faucet that you can get free ARK every day, things like that. Then this inspires newer delegates to come in and launch bigger services and the cycle feeds back. There’s another website, you can go to, to learn more about that.

Push button blockchains. We need push button blockchains that anyone regardless of their technical background or aim can utilize and leverage blockchain technology. Deploy your own blockchain as easy as possible. Create a blockchain using a graphical user interface. This is super cool for ARK because if you don’t have all the technical knowledge, it’s okay. You can just use the graphical user interface to point, click, drag, drop, design your blockchain with helpful guides and visual cues to get you set up. And then you can build on top of that.

18 programming languages are supported. Got to include them all. And you can utilize webhooks for event listening. This is really cool if you don’t want to be polling the blockchain all the time, “Hey, let me know about this. Hey, let me know about this. Hey, let me know about this.” With webhooks and with ARK, it’s more like, “I’ll let you know when something happens. Just quit bugging me.” That’s how webhooks work. It’s very cool.
Also, the modular architecture uses the plugin structure, so you can, as I said earlier, you can have specific modules like the [inaudible 00:26:51] package or ARK VM or IPFS. You can design your blockchain with or without these modules, and it uses a powerful test suite, the Jest Framework is really handy. This is all cool but if it’s too technical for you all, no problem. Push one button. Blockchain right now, much customizing, not very hard. Wow, such enhancement anyone can do. Nice.

SmartBridges, we want to connect all the blockchains just like I said. ARK Contract Execution Services, it’s protocol agnostic. So that means that it doesn’t matter how the two different blockchains are set up. It will still interoperate. We connect it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and of course, we’ll connect to the ARK BridgeChains. That’s what we call ARK [inaudible 00:27:39].
Multiple chains eliminate network bloat because if you have your own network and your own blockchain, you don’t have to worry about your neighbor who is running a really popular smart contract bogging down your performance. That’s what ARK is trying to do, make a lot of blockchains, make them talk.

We have a lot of partnerships with various other projects and organizations like Bitcoin PR Buzz. Blockport and Changelly are exchange partners. for HR resources. MARAChain for secure document transmission. The Ø Crypto Union for crypto lending, Major League Hacking so we can get our idea out there for aspiring developers. And of course, we go to lots of events like we completely blew up Consensus NYC. It was awesome, and we also went to Consensus Singapore, ToFinance and way, way more.

Also, mass participation. You want to have lots of opportunities for people that discover ARK to do stuff, and there’s just so many. We have the ARK community fund. It will fund your project any idea you want that helps ARK. You can get funded. We have contest running all the time. You can get voting rewards as I explained. You can run retail sales. I have a website called I mail ARK stickers all over the world. It’s really cool.

Services and favors, general bounties, hosting events. This one slide is an entire presentation that you can check out on or my ARK Crypto Podcast. You can check this out in Episode 5 and you can subscribe on the, not bad. Here’s our logo again. It’s pretty sweet, right? And our Twitter is @ARKEcosystem. If you have Twitter, follow us there. All of our news is there and here is our website for my podcast. I have new episodes releasing every Friday.

That’s it. Who has the wallet? Does anybody want ARK? You raise your hand. Come on up, man. Come on up. I’m going to give you some ARK right now. Okay, you got it, man. It’s all good.

Thank you.

Good job, that easy, eight seconds. This is ARK. My name is Justin. Thank you very much for having me, Blockchain.

All right, that’s going to do it for this episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast. Tune in next week for Episode 11. I really have to start working on these next episode promos. They could probably sound a bit more enticing. But then I would have to admit that I don’t really know what I’m going to talk about next week. Oh, no, I just did.

You can subscribe to the ARK Crypto Podcast on the directly through iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and now Spotify, not bad. And you can also follow us at our Twitter which is @ARK_podcast. You can stream our episodes directly inside your tweets. How cool is that? well, we’ll see you next time and thank you for listening.

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