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Episode #009 — Discussing Finalists And Revealing The Winner Of The Describe Ark In 1 Block Contest Part 2

The ninth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! I discuss the finalists of the ‘Describe ARK in 1 Block Time Contest’, sporting a 180 ARK prize provided by delegates fun, deadlock, rising_sun, pieface, thegoldenhorde, thefoundry, arkade_delegate, yin and goose. I also announce the WINNER in this episode! To maximize your enjoyment, try to resist skipping to the end 😉

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This episode is hosted by Justin Renken.



Hello Crypto Land, I’m Justin. It’s still Friday and this is the ARK Crypto Podcast, episode nine. Well we’re moving things right along here with the judging of the Describe ARK in 1 Block Time Contest. That contest is sporting a nice prize of 180 ARK. This is winner take all. And in this episode we’re going to touch on the finalist entries and I’ll provide some insight on those as well. That prize is sponsored by many generous delegates including fun, deadlock, rising sun, pieface, the golden horde, the foundry, arcade delegate, yin, and goose. Thank you so much for providing the prize for this contest and in this episode we’re going to see who gets that prize. Exciting times. Hopefully you’ll also learn a little bit more about ARK than you did before, which is a nice goal to have, right? Let’s get started.

So these entries are going to be read shortest description to longest description so there isn’t necessarily a ranking. Here we go. Well, we are going to kick things off with a goodun. Oh yes, I really like this one. User Colinkstin says, “ARK is block chain for the rest of us.” Now let that sink in. I really like it a lot. ARK is block chain for the rest of us. Now why is it that I like this one so much?

Well, ARK’s goal is really to lower the barrier to entry for users, developers, and everyone else to utilize block chain technology. You know, in the current space where you have the vast majority of projects requiring a very high degree of acuity and knowledge and experience to utilize block chain technology, ARK’s goal is to include as many people as possible beyond just those people. ARK wants to include everyone to be able to utilize block chain technology if needed.

And really, I feel ARK is doing the best job at achieving this and striving for this in their vision which is why I’m on the ARK team, because I think that’s very important. I want as many people as possible to use block chain technology. It just makes sense. So when Colinkstin said, “block chain for the rest of us,” it really resonated with me a lot. Dare I say, and I might say and dare to say it rivals point click block chain. Okay. I’m just saying it one time. I’m not trying to fork the slogan, but I’m just one person saying one thing.

Let’s move on to Moizam2K. Moizam2K says, “ARK is a secure financial layer for your online business in one click.” Wow. Very concise and very effective way to describe ARK. You know, with ARK’s push-button deployable block chains, even a smaller franchise business could spin up their own block chain for purposes such as inventory control or a rewards program. And they wouldn’t need to know everything about block chains and cryptography to do that.

So Moizam2K’s description really fits in well with ARK. Next up we’ve got JimmyRNJ. Alright, JimmyRNJ says, “ARK is one of the most innovative platforms that links block chains through smart bridges.” Well, smart bridge is a term used exclusively by ARK so I would say that ARK is the only and most innovative platform that links block chains through smart bridges. But I’m splitting hairs here and I’m just joshing with you guys a little bit. I like this entry a lot, thank you so much.

Alright, next up we’ve got Sioband. So Sioband I’ve noticed around the ARKosphere doing ARK stuff, good on you Sioband. Sioband’s entry is, “Any crypto, any block chain, any developer, any platform, one solution: ARK ecosystem.” Oh I really like that one too. It kind of rings. I get it. That’s a great one. Thank you.

Okay let’s move up to Motto121. So Motto121 says that “ARK is an ecosystem interconnected block chain network trying to connect all other block chains.” So I wouldn’t necessarily say trying to connect, but I understand that it hasn’t connected them all yet. However, ARK’s community ace’s protocol project has successful established two-way transfers with bitcoin, light coin, and Ethereum. And you can use ARK and the ace’s protocol to fire off an Ethereum contract without ever touching or owning the Ethereum token. So that’s not a bad start. And the ace’s protocol does have the capability today to connect all other block chains. It simply is up to community developers to join up with the ace’s project and implement ace’s encoded listeners for whatever chains they want.

So at that point it’s just a limit of who wants to jump in and who wants to increase the list of chains that ace’s communicates with. Pretty cool. Let’s move on to Trout Fire. So Trout Fire says “ARK is the internet of block chains. Easy to build off of and connect to countless projects.” Very true, very apt. Describes ARK. I do like this submission. I think it’s really good. I think it should be a finalist and it’s great. Thank you so much.

Alright so after that we have Azure Infinity. That’s a very cool sounding name, I like it. Azure Infinity says “ARK is an open source interoperability ecosystem built for anyone requiring a block chain solution.” Which is very true, and very short way to describe a lot of what ARK does. I think it’s an effective entry. I think there’s a lot of syllables involved. I had to do that a couple times and delete a couple takes, I’m not gonna lie about that. But I really do like the entry. Thank you so much.

Okay, let’s move on to Allie Bite. So Allie Bite says “ARK is the quickest and cleanest looking block chain on the planet, with a killer community and a bright future.” Oh I really like this one. This is a good one. Let’s read that one more time. Allie Bite says “ARK is the quickest and cleanest looking block chain on the planet, with a killer community and a bright future.” And you know I agreed with all this so much that I got off the couch myself and I started to help ARK in any way I could, just as a community member doing things for ARK and coming up with different ideas to get the word out and build resources for people to learn more about ARK more easily.

And I think that if I read something like this at the beginning I would be that much more excited to get involved. I really like that this entry is not so much quantitative in terms of speed, scalability, it’s decentralized. It’s more qualitative, where it’s speaking to that part of the brain that responds emotionally, right? The quickest and cleanest looking block chain on the planet with a killer community and a bright future. I get that. Okay, next up we’ve got Rocked.

And I like to say Rocked, just based on the spelling. But Rocked is also on the ARK community committee working on our first project called project chrono so that’s the code name, and we’re collaborating all over the world to come together and build a really cool, educational resource that helps a lot of people learn about ARK and learn just how far ARK has come since its launch in early 2017 and inception in late 2016. And Rocked is a really great community member, we really appreciate having him around. I do know it’s a him. And we’re gonna read his entry now, which is probably gonna be good. Here we go.

So Rocked says “ARK is providing the tools developers need and users want to enable mass adoption of block chain technology.” Very effective entry. Describes it and hits it right on the head. If you walked up to somebody on the street and they asked you “oh, what’s ARK?” and you said this, I would not be in any way displeased with that. This is great. Thank you so much.

Alright let’s go to Nevers Believe. So Nevers Believe listed off some specific aspects of the ARK toolkit in their entry. And Nevers says, “ARK, where [inaudible 00:08:40], IPFS, and interoperability come together to form the market’s top customizable template block chain solution.” Yeah, true, and great. ARK is a delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm, where you have 51 delegates processing blocks, creating new ARK, and running valuable community services that you can utilize when you’re using the ARK main net token, which is also very cool.

Not only that, but ARK is also working on the IPFS module that will be a plug in for ARK v2. IPFS stands for interplanetary file system and what this would do is it would allow for a block chain to be able to store and represent large files so that services can access those files and the storage would be decentralized. So you wouldn’t have to run a block chain, which is decentralized, and that block chain may require access to larger files, right? You wouldn’t have to store those files on a centralized server because that wouldn’t really make sense. It would also provide a weak point if decentralization is your aim. So ARK is working on the interplanetary file system module that will allow you to decentralize the file storage as well. This would be very useful because I would say that-

… as well. This would be very useful because I would say that having files and access to files is pretty important if you want to build any type of system that goes beyond, “Here’s some tokens, give me a hot dog.” Now, Nevers also mentioned interoperability, which is true. The ASUS protocol and decentralized smart-bridges that ARK inter-operates with other chains, ARK will be able to inter-operate with its own bridgechains. A bridge chain is what we call it when you create your own blockchain for whatever purposes you want. That is not called a sidechain in ARK land.

In ARK world that is called a bridgechain, because when you create your own blockchain, it will be inter-operable right out of the box with the ARK main net. Then you will be plugged into the overall larger ARK ecosystem. It’s a really cool thing, and I look forward to the ecosystem growing. Thanks for your entry.

Okay, let’s move on to Tyler J. Keenan. So, Tyler J. Keenan provided an entry, obviously. If he didn’t he would not be mentioned in this podcast. Uh-huh. His entry is, “ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology.” Ah, this is a bit of unique approach that Tyler took. Let’s read that again.

So, Tyler J. Keenan says, “ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology.” Okay. Now, let’s break this down. Because each section, it’s really well put together, and touches on a key aspect of what ARK’s vision is, and what ARK does. Okay.

So, the first one, right? ARK empowers everyone. Yes, ARK empowers everyone. That’s the goal. That’s what ARK is doing, that’s what ARK wants to do. Let’s move on. Regardless of their aim or technical background. This is great, okay. This is great because it directly touches on the reduction of barrier to entry, so that everyone can participate in the blockchain space. Regardless of their aim or technical background. ARK wants people who know a lot about programming, and a lot about coding, and a lot about computer science, to be able to easily use blockchain technology. Why do extra work if you don’t have to, right?

But, ARK also wants to allow people with less acuity and less capability in the technical space who have an idea, and a means to execute that idea, with the ARK blockchain tool kit. ARK wants to empower them to also utilize blockchain technology so that they are not stuck wondering how to get this done, or having to hire really expensive people to do it for them, or something like that.

And finally, we’ve got to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology. Well, of course, that’s the idea. ARK push button deployable blockchains, push a button, deploy a blockchain. That sounds quick and easy to me. And I don’t see a lot of projects offering this type of solution, right? Push a button. Get your own blockchain with all of the powers and tools that the main net would have, and have access to, but you can customize and control all of those parameters, and build whatever decentralized applications or settings that you want to have on your network. Run your network with a delegated proof of stake, very fast, yet decentralized, and fair governance system that allows high security when the network is small, unlike proof of work. And not only that, but be inter-operable with an entire world of blockchains. I have not seen that. If you have seen that, let me know.

Let’s move on to Walked That Way. So, Walked That Way says, “Want to create your own blockchain? Need interoperability with other chains? Need smart contracts? Enter ARK. No code required.” Hey, I do like this. I think it’s a really nice entry, and I like the nonchalant, informal approach to this entry. It’s more like you’re just chatting with a friend.

And your friend is like, “I need to create my own blockchain. And I need interoperability with other chains. And I need smart contracts.” And then you’re like, “Oh, ARK. No code required.” And they’re like, “No code required?” And you’re like, “Yeah, no code required. It’s 2019 now, so ARK has a graphical user interface that lets you spin up your own blockchain and customize it any way you want. All the parameters, block time, number of delegates, inflation rate, everything else. Not only that, but plugins that you can just drag and drop into your blockchain like IPFS and ARKVM, which is the virtual machine that lets you run smart contracts on your own main net if you want to. And you know, ARK, you just push a button and get it done. No code required.” And then they’re like, “Ah-ha. Okay. This is at least worth me looking at.” So, this is why I like this entry. It’s very conversational. Thank you.

Moving on we’ve got Slushy Alpaca. Alpaca? Alpaca? Slushy Alpaca, Alpaca. Moving on we’ve got Slushy South American Goat. And Slushy says, “ARK will be the bridge between today’s blockchains and tomorrow’s users by allowing blockchains to be built easily through ARK.” Oh, I really like this one. Oh, it’s a good one. ARK will be the bridge between today’s blockchains and tomorrow’s users. That’s very cool. That’s a very unique use of the word bridge. ARK has smart bridges. And we do know that there’s fewer users today than there will be tomorrow, right? If we didn’t believe that, then we wouldn’t be building all this stuff. So, ARK is bridging today’s blockchains and tomorrow’s users because ARK’s interoperability, ease of use, user experience, and just overall approach, allows for people to seamlessly use blockchain technology, allow a lot of things to run in the background, and they don’t have to worry about all that. So, they just do their things that they need to do and everything works out. And this is what ARK is doing. This is what ARK wants to do even more, and even better. Thanks for your entry.

All right. Let’s move on to Stacks. That is a cool name. So, Stacks says, “ARK is a fast, all-in-one platform with agility that offers interconnectivity and scalability without compromising on accessibility.” Oh, that’s a bit rhymey, huh. ARK is a fast, all-in-one platform, with agility, that offers interconnectivity, and scalability, without compromising on accessibility. Ah-ha, oh-ho, I really like this one. This is a cool one. It does have agility. It can do a lot of different stuff. It can do stuff that you might not think it would be able to do, right? That’s the cool part.

And it has interconnectivity and scalability. Right, you can run an ARK blockchain on a few servers in the same town, and you could push the transactions through the roof, if you wanted to. ARK main net, the block time is eight seconds because that is ideal, and optimized to be decentralized in the global space, and still allow for high performance. So, that’s why the eight second block time was chosen. After much testing of course. But, when you deploy your own blockchain you can customize the block time, so as long as your delegate nodes can handle the communications required to have very short block times you could do that when you deploy your blockchain.

Let’s move on to Airwick. Okay, so, Airwick says that, “ARK envisions a world where anybody can easily use or create a robust blockchain that communicates with every other blockchain.” Yeah, that is very true. ARK does envision a world where anybody can easily use or create a robust blockchain that communicates with every other blockchain. And personally, I do believe that ARK is positioned with its team, and its code base, and its experience, and its funding, to achieve this. So, there’s that.

So, next up, we’ve got Choose ARK Choose a Job. So, Choose ARK Choose a Job is my favorite Reddit user name in all of the Reddit sphere because, hey, I chose ARK, hey, I got a job. All right, so Choose ARK Choose a Job says, “DPOS, interoperability, and no speed or scaling worries. Use ARK today to create your own customized modular blockchain in seconds.” Oh yes, this is a great entry. Love that call to action. Use ARK today. Right, you’ve gotta tell people what to do. That way they’ll know what they need to do. Okay. DPOS, interoperability, and no speed or scaling worries. Use ARK today to create your own customized modular blockchain in seconds. Great. It’s a wonderful entry. I think it 100% deserves to be a finalist. Thank you so much Choose ARK Choose a Job. Keep on keeping on.

Let’s go to [Kaleko 00:19:33]. Okay, so Kaleko says, “, a decentralized software helping businesses, consumers, and developers unlock the possibilities of blockchain technology. Point, click, blockchain.” So, I like this one too. I like them all, as you already know. And this one is more on the business side, right. It’s more on the give it to me straight. I’m wearing a suit, and I have a briefcase, and we need to talk about business. Let’s do it., de-

… talk about business. Let’s do it. Decentralized software helping businesses, consumers, and developers unlock the possibilities of blockchain technology. Point. Click. Blockchain. Yeah. Let’s do it. You know, ARK is well poised to be a solution for enterprise as well. It’s not just about somebody who doesn’t know everything about programming languages, it’s also about enterprises, small companies, large companies. Even the biggest, biggest companies could easily use our open source software and spin up their own bridge chain to achieve their goals in blockchain. They don’t have to hire a bunch of their own internal employees to build something from scratch.

It doesn’t really make sense, and if they do choose ARK, which is an open source toolkit, then they will improve their image to be more like community centric. We like that it’s open source and we like the community of ARK, and what blockchains are doing to bring people together. It’s also kind of a PR move to use an open source platform instead of building your own. You’ll also save a lot of money too. ARK for enterprise. It’s a thing. Let’s move on to SFT One. So SFTT One. SFTT One says, “ARK is a sandbox of innovative, cost effective, revolutionary and easy to deploy customized solutions to any problem through cutting edge blockchain technologies.”

Yeah, this is very cool, very apt. I really like the adjectives, right? It’s innovative, absolutely. It’s cost effective, for sure. We just talked about that. It’s revolutionary, I would say, yeah, and it’s easy to deploy. Push [inaudible 00:21:48] blockchains, right? These solutions are customized so you’re in control, and it can solve any problem, because over time, ARK will develop even more modules and even more plugins that help solve specific use cases or maybe even integrate open source modules and plugins, vet them, and then integrate them into the master kit. You can see that an evolution is possible and a constant improvement of the product is easy to achieve. Not bad. Thank you. Thank you very much for that entry.

Let’s go to [Mattay 00:22:21]. It’s spelled that way. Let’s go to Mattay 252. Mattay says, “ARK is a crypto currency platform providing users with the simplest method of deploying your own blockchain directly into an active ecosystem of other side chains.” Yeah, it’s not untrue. If you said bridge chains, it would be better. I do like it. I like that it provides users with the simplest methods of deploying your own blockchain. That’s for sure the case, and I thank you so much. Let’s go to Blank Mark now. So Blank Mark says, “ARK connects many different cryptocurrencies, enabling the 200 billion dollar industry to act as a single solution with an ultra fast decentralized and scalable ecosystem.”

Whoa. Now you can see that these are getting a little bit longer, right? Went from short to long. Getting a little bit longer. I like it. I think it’s cool. I think it’s good. It’s cool. Ultra fast, decentralized, scalable. Here’s the thing, though, oh, here’s the thing. Here is the thing. I’m judging this contest, right? You’re listening to all these entries, right? After awhile, when you go through all these entries and they’re unique in their own way, but they’re also similar, but reading each one kind of over and over and over and over, I get the buzz words, like the buzz word effect of fast, scalable, decentralized, okay? I think that people are definitely a little jaded to that.

If you had eight seconds to describe ARK and you said that, “It’s fast, decentralized, and scalable,” like while true, the person asking you about ARK likely knows about other projects that also say that they are fast, decentralized and scalable. You’re not necessarily differentiating ARK. I understand that ARK is faster than a lot of projects. I understand that it’s decentralized just like other projects. I understand that it’s more scalable than some other projects, but I think that terms like this tend to go in one ear and out the other these days because you’re not walking up to someone like, “Oh, check out this project. It’s fast, decentralized, and scalable.”

They’re like, “Oh my goodness, it’s fast, decentralized, and scalable? Sign me up.” We need more distinction. However, I did like the entry in general, in the general sense, and it’s not your fault that you used some buzz words that I ended up not really resonating with, because they just get generic after awhile. That’s not your fault. I really like your entry and thank you so much. Okay, so after that, we’ve got Zero Base. Zero Base says, “ARK is an interoperability focused, independent blockchain that empowers it’s users with a practical and approachable tool kit to quickly deploy blockchain solutions across a variety of use cases.”

Well, great. It is. It does, and it’s a bit long. Not gonna lie. A bit long. I hope it’s a long elevator ride. Thank you for your submission, appreciate it. Let’s go to Jen Robias. Jen Robias, it’s a cool one. Jen Robias says, “What if you didn’t have to mine to earn? What if you could interconnect with any other blockchain? What if you could snap your fingers and create your own chain? This is what ARK is.” I like it. I do. I like it. You’re positing questions and you’re saying, “What if?” Then you’re saying, “There’s a thing for that.” I like that, I think that’s really cool. Yeah. Finalist, 100%. Thank you, Jen Robias. This person is going places, Jen Robias. Next up we’ve got Bruce Alien.

Bruce Alien, this is the last finalist, and Bruce Alien says, “ARK gives me the tools and capabilities to interact with the global economy from any internet connected location on Earth. I can stake my coins and get interest. It’s fast, secure and convenient. It just works.” Yeah, it’s very cool. I like it. It’s a great entry. ARK does give everyone the tools and capabilities to interact with the global economy from any internet connection on Earth, yeah. It’s also fast, secure and convenient. I like convenient. I think that convenient is a valid descriptor, even beyond fast, decentralized and scalable, ’cause nobody really says it’s convenient.

If you go to, I’m gonna say Project X, just insert project here, and go to their homepage. Do they say it’s convenient? I’d be hard pressed to believe you if they did. I appreciate that you touched on that. I like that you said that you can stake your coins and get interest. Yeah, that’s true. You can get voting rewards, they’re voluntarily distributed by forging delegates. There’s more information on that at, and Check it out. All right, that concludes all the finalists. Now, as you can see, there’s a lot to pick from and they each have their own unique twist. I hope that I’m doing the community right by picking the winner. I’m gonna give the reasons why I picked this particular winner.

Here we go. The describe ARK in one block time contest winner is, Tyler J. Keening. “ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology.” Why did this person win? Why did Tyler win? Personally, a few reasons, some of which I already about when we discussed this entry. But, the first three words. The first three words really jumped out at me and never went away. ARK empowers everyone. ARK empowers everyone. If you’re saying that not everyone can utilize blockchain technology, they’ve got your back regardless of your aim or technical background. ARK empowers everyone.

If you think that it’s gonna be difficult to utilize blockchain technology with ARK, don’t. Don’t think that, because it’s quick and easy. You can leverage blockchain technology. Blockchain technology isn’t the solution in and of itself, you leverage it in order to achieve your goals and your dreams, and your passions. That’s how it’s supposed to work. ARK empowers everyone to be able to do that. Tyler, thank you so much for your submission, you won. We’re going to send you ARK by way of ARK tipper, Reddit Tip Bot by Delegate Cryptology.

You’re going to get ARK and be able to redeem that ARK, keep it in your wallet, withdraw it, tip other people with it, do whatever you like with it. Congratulations. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest. As always, thanks for supporting the ARK ecosystem. Well, that’s gonna wrap it for this episode of The ARK Crypto Podcast. Man, that was fun for me, I hope it was fun for you too. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or SoundCloud. Check out our site, You can also follow us on Twitter at ark_podcast, or you can stream directly inside our tweets. How cool is that? See you next time.

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