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ARK Crypto Podcast #035 – All-New ARK Whitepaper 2019 Part 3

Hosted by Justin Renken. Produced by ARK | NA.

The thirty-fifth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week represents a huge leap for ARK as we release an all-new whitepaper. The whitepaper represents months of team-wide collaboration and years of achievement and progress. With this new whitepaper, the ARK community can rally around the vision of ARK, moving forward with deploying and using ARK technology with confidence.

Part 3 is the final part of the whitepaper reading, and next week we are doing a “Community Questions and Nothing Else” episode. So, if you have questions about the whitepaper or ARK, let us know ASAP on twitter username ark_podcast, Instagram username thearkcryptopodcast, or on the special post coming soon to

This is the initial release of the all-new whitepaper to first receive community-wide feedback on the content. Once we get some of the initial commentary we’ll also start to integrate images and other eye-candy touches we have prepped for better understanding and visualization of the data, and make it more appealing for print format.

Lastly, ARK will be running a community-wide contest surrounding the whitepaper soon, with Ledger hardware wallet prizes provided by ARK, and delegate-sponsored prizes as well. Stay tuned in with for more details. Delegates who wish to add prizes to the pool may reach out to me (Justin) on Slack.

The ARK community played a large role in the creation and release of this new whitepaper. Over the last 2+ years, your questions on, discussions with us on, and unique perspectives are the driving force behind everything that we do. For this, everyone in the ARK team would like to give you our greatest thanks.

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This episode is hosted by Justin Renken.


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